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What is required for the chromosomes to condense?

Chromatin, a substance that contains genetic material such as DNA, is normally found in a loose bundle inside a cell's nucleus. During the prophase of mitosis, the chromatin in a cell compacts to form condensed chromosomes; this condensation is required in order for the cell to divide properly.

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Regarding this, what does it mean for chromosomes to condense?

Chromosomes condense before mitosis to allow them the ability to move smoothly, without becoming entangled and breaking. (So, they are conveniently packaged for cell division, in which the chromosomes must move to both poles of the cell.)

One may also ask, how are chromosomes further condense for mitosis? Chromatin condensation is driven by condensins and interactions between histones. Although already significantly compacted during interphase, upon entry into mitosis chromatin further condenses and individualizes to discrete chromosomes that are captured and moved independently by the mitotic spindle apparatus.

Also to know is, what proteins help condense chromosomes?

We know that chromosomes is made up of (DNA - which is LONG) so they're wrapped around proteins called " histones ". Histones help organize the DNA and keep it from getting tangled. Think of a thread wrapped around a spool.

Where do chromosomes condense?

The nucleus during mitosis. Micrographs illustrating the progressive stages of mitosis in a plant cell. During prophase, the chromosomes condense, the nucleolus disappears, and the nuclear envelope breaks down. At metaphase, the condensed chromosomes (more)

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