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What is Samcrac real name?

Samcrac, whose real name is Sam (he didn't want me to use his last name), wouldn't specify on the record which specific pizza franchises or brands these people were affiliated with, though it shouldn't be hard to figure it out. Video Player is loading. This is a modal window.

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Similarly one may ask, what happened to Samcrac Pizza car?

The YouTuber, a Tampa, Fla. -area man who goes by Samcrac, documented his extensive repairs to the Domino's DXP car on video. The subcompact car, covered in Domino's logos, had been in a frontal collision and was inoperable when he bought it in October with just 2,014 miles on the odometer.

Also Know, who is Sam CRAC? Samcrac - The salvage car wizard you've probably never heard of. He's the face behind the Youtube channel “Samcrac”. He makes videos with the salvage and budget car theme. Be it tips and secrets behind the cars being sold at biddings or advice on how to get the car running on the cheap, Sam never disappoints.

Thereof, where does Samcrac get his money?

Samcrac Net Worth – $600,000 His content is mainly in the salvage and budget car theme. He buys various cars that have been damaged and takes his viewers through the process of fixing it up and rebuilding it till it works like a brand new car.

How many DXP cars are there?

The company already has almost 100 of these unique vehicles on the road and plans to add another 58 this summer – bringing its total DXP fleet up to 155 units. [Here's a behind the scenes look at the design process that brought the DXP to life.]

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