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What is sie certification?

The SIE Exam is a new, introductory-level FINRA exam for prospective industry professionals. Its purpose is to assess a candidate's basic knowledge of securities industry topics fundamental to working in the industry.

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In this way, can anyone take the SIE?

The SIE exam is FINRA's general industry exam. Although ideal for university students and career changers, anyone can sit for the exam without prior association with a firm.

Secondly, what does the SIE allow you to do? The Security Industries Essentials Exam (SIE) is a new exam being introduced by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in October 2018. The SIE is being designed to allow people to enter the securities and insurance industries without being affiliated with any qualified firm.

People also ask, what is the SIE pass rate?


Who has to take the SIE?

Unlike its predecessors, anyone over 18 years of age can sit for this exam, regardless of whether they are sponsored by a broker or dealer. Individuals who are already registered as a representative do not need to take the exam. The exam covers four basic topics: Understanding of capital markets.

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