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What is tag directory in cache?

Tag directory is used to search data in distributed last level caches. If the requested data is not found in any caches, a memory address is sent from the tag directory to the memory controller.

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Consequently, what is a cache tag?

tag - A unique identifier for a group of data. Because different regions of memory may be mapped into a block, the tag is used to differentiate between them. valid bit - A bit of information that indicates whether the data in a block is valid (1) or not (0). 2 Locating data in the cache.

Also, how does a cache work? Cache memory is used to reduce the average time to access data from the Main memory. The cache is a smaller and faster memory which stores copies of the data from frequently used main memory locations. There are various different independent caches in a CPU, which store instructions and data.

Also question is, what is TAG field in cache memory?

A tag is said to be a matching tag if, after decoding a CPU address from a pending read or write, the tag field of the CPU address matches the tag associated with a cache block at the cache address given by (index, offset).

How many bits is a word?

16 bits

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