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What is the 17th century known as?

1600s. 1600s may refer to: The period from 1600 to 1699, synonymous with the 17th century. The period from 1600 to 1609, known as the 1600s decade.

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Thereof, what was the 17th century called?

The 17th century was the century that lasted from January 1, 1601, to December 31, 1700.

Secondly, what period is the 17th century? January 1, 1601 – December 31, 1700

Likewise, what was the 18th century known as?

Europe in the 18th Century. In Europe, the eighteenth century was a period of intellectual, social, and political ferment. This time is often referred to as the Age of Enlightenment, for it was in the 18th century that the ideas of the previous 100 years were implemented on a broad scale.

What was happening in the world in the 17th century?

17th Century Timeline: 1601 to 1700. 1601 Dutch defeat the Portuguese in a naval battle in the Indonesian Archipelago (the Spice Islands). 1602 Shah Abbas of Iran drives the Portuguese from Bahrain. 1602 The Dutch government (United Netherlands) grants the Dutch East India Company a monopoly to pursue trade in Asia.

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