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What is the answer of Will You Marry Me?

The correct response is - I will. Please don't embarrass yourself by saying “I do”. When the priest asks the boy and the girl questions like - Do you promise to be true to your wife/husband in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health etc, the answer should be - I do.

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Then, how do you reply to Will You Marry Me?

  • Great, but let me see what the ring looks like first.
  • As long as we can have our honeymoon tonight. *wink*
  • But I only like 2D boys/ girls.
  • Perhaps I'm off my hinges, but I believe you.
  • Sorry, I'm already committed to Johnny Depp.
  • Hahaha!
  • Please fall in line!
  • I do!

Similarly, is it will or would you marry me? " is a direct invitation. The speaker is asking about the will, the wishes, of the other person. "Would you marry me?" is less direct, and extra polite for this situation. It really means, "Would you marry me, if you should find me acceptable?"

Secondly, will you marry me answer in English?

So “will you marry me” is the question; the answer should be simple, yes, or no. Oh! poor you, If you say no.

Will you marry me means?

will-you-marry-me. Phrase. Used to propose marriage to someone.

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