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What is the brown stuff falling from oak trees?

A • The “tassels” that drop from oak trees are called catkins, and they are the spent male flowers whose purpose is to shed pollen that is carried by the wind to female flowers. If pollination occurs, then the female flowers will develop into the acorns that are the seeds of the oak tree.

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Hereof, what are the brown things that fall from trees?

The little brown things are the oak trees' male sexual apparatus. The oak is monoecious, which means it has both male and female reproductive organs, or flowers, on the same tree. In the spring they come out to play.

Similarly, how long do oak catkins fall? two to three weeks

Thereof, are live oak trees messy?

Additionally, these trees are strong and hardy and often survive hurricane winds. However, live oaks are messy: their leaves are small and thus hard to rake, and the Spanish moss that they often host drops huge clumps of dead moss every so often. In the spring, the trees flower and cover everything in pollen.

What are the round things that grow on oak trees?

If you have an oak tree in your home landscape, you might have spotted small, unsightly brown balls hanging like fruit or growing into a branch. These little balls, called oak galls, are a common occurrence caused when the tree reacts to non-stinging wasps laying their eggs on its leaves, branches, twigs or flowers.

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