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What is the chemical name of KClO3?

Potassium chlorate

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Moreover, what is KClO3 in chemistry?

A catalyst is a substance that causes an increase in the rate of a chemical reaction without being used up in the reaction. It is this reaction that will be studied in this experiment. The thermal decomposition of KClO3 (potassium chlorate) in the absence of a catalyst will be studied.

Also Know, how is KClO3 formed? Potassium chlorate can be produced in small amounts by disproportionation in a sodium hypochlorite solution followed by metathesis reaction with potassium chloride: 3 NaOCl(aq) → 2 NaCl(s) + NaClO. KCl(aq) + NaClO3(aq) → NaCl(aq) + KClO.

Thereof, what is the chemical name of KCl o3?

Potassium chlorate

Is KClO3 ionic?

Potassium chlorate is an ionic compound that is dissociated into K+ and ClO3- ions. Neither of these ions is hydrolyzed in water so the pH should be 7. So potassium chlorate is neither an acid nor a base.

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