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What is the demographic transition theory?

Theory of Demographic Transition is a theory that throws light on changes in birth rate and death rate and consequently on the growth-rate of population. The relationship between birth and death rates changes with economic development and a country has to pass through different stages of population growth.

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Thereof, what are the 4 stages of the demographic transition?

The concept is used to explain how population growth and economic development of a country are connected. The concept of demographic transition has four stages, including the pre-industrial stage, the transition stage, the industrial stage, and the post-industrial stage.

Likewise, why is demographic transition important? Voiceover: Demographic transition is a model that changes in a country's population. It states that the population will eventually stop growing when the country transitions from high birth rates and high death rates to low birth rates and death rates, stabilizing the population.

Thereof, who gave demographic transition theory?

History of the theory The theory is based on an interpretation of demographic history developed in 1929 by the American demographer Warren Thompson (1887–1973). Adolphe Landry of France made similar observations on demographic patterns and population growth potential around 1934.

What is the major criticism of demographic transition theory?

It is ethnocentric. The 2010 Census allowed individuals to self-select their race.

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