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What is the difference between a successional stage and a climax community?

Another difference is the degree of soil development: in primary succession, it can take thousands of years, while it is usually fully developed in secondary succession. The initial inhabitants (early serial stage) are termed pioneer community and the final stage is described as the climax community.

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Just so, what do you mean by a climax community?

An ecological community in which populations of plants or animals remain stable and exist in balance with each other and their environment. A climax community is the final stage of succession, remaining relatively unchanged until destroyed by an event such as fire or human interference.

Furthermore, is the climax community the same everywhere? are not the same everywhere. Succession continues until it reaches a climax community.

Hereof, what are characteristics of a climax community?

A climax community is one that has reached the stable stage. When extensive and well defined, the climax community is called a biome. Examples are tundra , grassland, desert , and the deciduous, coniferous, and tropical rain forests .

What is the difference between pioneer and climax communities?

Pioneer species are the first species that settle or colonize an area. Climax communities are made of species that are stable and don't change very much.

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