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What is the frequency range of coaxial cable?

2,000 Hz

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Just so, what is the range of coaxial cable?

1640.4 feet

Beside above, how does signal travel through coaxial cable? The signal a coaxial cable carries is transferred simultaneously through the central wire as well as the separated metal jacketing. This is done because both conductors generate a magnetic field, as any electrically charged wire does. It also prevents outside magnetic fields from altering the signal the cables carry.

One may also ask, what is a RF coaxial cable?

RF cables are a type of coaxial cable that is used to send radio frequency signals. RF cables are often used to send video information to a TV set.

Does coaxial cable have electricity?

Unlike the flat wiring and cables that carry electricity to lamps and appliances, coaxial cable (often called coax) is round and fat. It is not difficult to work with, but it does require a little more care and some special tools to run the cable throughout your house and make the necessary connections.

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