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What is the function of the blood testis barrier Chapter 27?

Tight junctions between these sustentacular cells create the bloodtestis barrier, which keeps bloodborne substances from reaching the germ cells and, at the same time, keeps surface antigens on developing germ cells from escaping into the bloodstream and prompting an autoimmune response.

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Furthermore, what is the function of the blood testis barrier?

Function. The presence of the SCB allows Sertoli cells to control the adluminal environment in which germ cells (spermatocytes, spermatids and sperm) develop by influencing the chemical composition of the luminal fluid.

why do they require a blood testis barrier to prevent antibody formation? The Blood-Testis Barrier Creates an Immunological Barrier. This is necessary to avoid the production of anti-sperm antibodies and autoimmune disease, which leads to male infertility (Francavilla et al., 2007).

Likewise, people ask, what is the function of the blood testis barrier quizlet?

-Prevents sperm antigens from contacting systemic and lymph circulations, preventing immune response. - Enables distinctive composition of tubule fluid in adluminal compartments i.e. isolates fluid environment for successful spermatogenesis.

What is the function of spermatogenic cells?

In between the Sertoli cells are spermatogenic cells, which differentiate through meiosis to sperm cells. Sertoli cells function to nourish the developing sperm cells. They secrete androgen-binding protein, a binding protein which increases the concentration of testosterone inside the seminiferous tubules.

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