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What is the mood at the beginning of the most dangerous game?

The Gothic elements in “The Most Dangerous Game” add to the story's mysterious and suspenseful mood to expose the dark underside of the human psyche. In keeping with the Gothic tradition, Connell weaves the bizarre, grotesque, frightening, and unexpected into his story.

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Correspondingly, what is the mood and tone of the most dangerous game?


Secondly, what POV is the most dangerous game? Most people assume that the point of view of “The Most Dangerous Game” is Third Person Limited (the vast majority of the story is told from Rainsford's perspective). The story is actually Third Person Omniscient! There is a small passage that reveals General Zaroff's internal thoughts and feelings.

Simply so, what is the mood or feeling created by the author in the exposition in the most dangerous game?

The Most Dangerous Game has a mood that is primarily full of suspense. In the beginning, before Rainsford falls off the boat, it is humorously ominous because Rainsford doesn't have the suspicions of the sailors. Rather, he has all the confidence in the world. Then, ironically, he is the one who falls overboard.

How does zaroff know Rainsford is in the tree?

Expert Answers info He hears the cry of a bird and realizes someone is coming. It is Zaroff . Rainsford watches Zaroff examine the trail and then slowly rise, shake his head, and light a cigar. He then looks at the trunk of a tree, raises his eyes slowly up the tree and stops just before the limb that Rainsford is on.

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