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What is the purpose of automotive paint sealer?

designed to be used to fill mild waves, scratches and put a protected layer between bare metal and your top-coat. Paint can be applied over primer but if you would like to increase the life of your paint job and keep from having any surprises pop up on you down the road, a good 2K sealer is your best bet.

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Consequently, what is the purpose of paint sealer?

Sealer paint can be used as a substitute for a primer, or before the primer is applied to the base surface. The main purpose of sealer paint is to provide good adhesion between the substrate and the new paint or the primer.

Additionally, is primer and sealer the same thing? Explanation: Sealer: A liquid coat that seals wood, plaster, etc., and prevents the surface from absorbing paint or varnish. Primer: The first complete coat of paint applied in a painting system. Many primers are designed to provide adequate adhesion between the surface and subsequent topcoats.

One may also ask, what is automotive paint sealer?

A paint sealant is a fully synthetic product that is comprised of polymers that chemically bond onto the paint surface. When they 'flash' it provides a stronger layer of protection than car wax – and thus lasts longer than car wax.

Are car paint sealants worth it?

Paint sealant really is a good product. In fact, paint sealant is nothing more than a polymer-based car “wax” that seals better and lasts longer than traditional carnauba-based waxes. You can apply the same finish yourself for about $20 (try Meguiar's NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0, or Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze).

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