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What is the recommended timeframe for taking action in the safeguarding assessment strategy?

Managing immediate risks- Some adult safeguarding concerns will require an immediate response to safeguard the adult. As an indicative timescale, an assessment of immediate risks and action needed should be undertaken within 48 hours of receiving the adult safeguarding concern.

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In respect to this, what is the recommended time frame for taking action in the recording and monitoring strategy?

1 The Safeguarding Manager will ensure that a timescale for the review of the effectiveness of any safeguarding plan is agreed and recorded at the Case Conference and will take place in any case within 6 months.

Similarly, when should a safeguarding plan be completed? On completion of the investigation a timescale will be agreed to review the Safeguarding Plan, within a period of no longer than three months. At which time the Safeguarding Plan if risk is managed effectively may be closed, or the Safeguarding Plan may continue as part of ongoing case management.

Likewise, people ask, how do you investigate safeguarding?

Conducting a safeguarding investigation

  1. Investigating officer. The first stage in the process is to agree who will be the investigating officer.
  2. Terms of reference.
  3. Communication with parents.
  4. Planning the investigation.
  5. Interviews.
  6. Investigation outcomes.
  7. Sharing the report.
  8. Relationship between staff and parents.

How does the safeguarding process work?

Supporting and enabling the adult at risk to achieve the outcomes that they see as best for them; Assessing and addressing risk; Taking action to protect and support the adult and others who may be at risk as necessary; Deciding whether a Capacity assessment is needed (see the Capacity Procedure);

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