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What is the significance of the Battle of Kadesh?

The significance of the battle, aside from being the victory Rameses II seemed most proud of, is that it eventually led to the first peace treaty in the history of the world signed between the Hittite and Egyptian Empires in 1258 BCE.

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Keeping this in consideration, why was the Battle of Kadesh so significant?

In this time period great battles were fought in attempts to control the borders of Ancient Egypt and expand the Egyptian Empire. The battle of Kadesh is an important battle to take note because even though there was no victor in the end, the Egyptian Empire had gained an alliance with the Hittites by making a treaty.

Secondly, when was the Battle of Kadesh? 1274 BC

Beside above, what was the treaty signed between Egypt and the Hittites Why was it important?

The treaty was signed to end a long war between the Hittite Empire and the Egyptians, who had fought for over two centuries to gain mastery over the lands of the eastern Mediterranean. The treaty is thought to have been negotiated by intermediaries without the two monarchs ever meeting in person.

Where was the Battle of Kadesh?

Kadesh Orontes River

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