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What is the theme of Geraldo no last name?

The main theme of “Geraldo No Last Name” centers on the human tragedy of the illegal worker, who must remain as anonymous as possible in order to survive. Marin's and Geraldo's lives touch only by chance because they happen to be in the same dance hall and they dance together.

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Similarly, who is Geraldo in Geraldo no last name?

Summary: “Geraldo No Last Name Marin meets a young man named Geraldo at a dance and dances with him a few times. After they leave the dance hall, a car strikes Geraldo, who speaks no English. He dies in the emergency room because no doctors come to help him.

Also, what is Geraldo's last name? The surname Geraldo came from the personal name Gerard, which was itself derived from the Old German Gerhard, which means spear-brave.

Also to know is, why does Geraldo have no last name?

Geraldo has no last name because there are no identification documents on his person. The only reason the hospital knows his first name is because Marin provides it. Marin also identifies Geraldo as a "wetback." This is a derogatory term referring to Geraldo's status as a Mexican illegal immigrant.

Why does Geraldo die?

At a dance that night she had met a young man named Geraldo, and they danced together. After he left, Geraldo was killed in a hit-and-run car accident. He spoke no English, and he died because only an intern was working in the emergency room that night, and no surgeon came to tend to him.

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