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What is the theme of the story a shocking accident?

The main themes of the story “A Shocking Accident” by Graham Greene are the absurdity or triviality of death (illustrated by Jerome's father death) and coming of age (illustrated by Jerome's transformation from a child to a man).

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Likewise, what does the pig symbolize in a shocking accident?

The flying pig that kills Jerome's father symbolizes the absurdity of life. Many events in life cannot be predicted or prepared for,and death is one of them. Reread the scene in which the housemaster breaks the news of the death of Jerome's father to the boy.

Similarly, how did Jerome's father die? The housemaster tells him that his father, a travel writer, has died in Naples, Italy, as the result of a pig falling on him from a balcony. As Jerome grows up, his father's death becomes a source of embarrassment to him.

Simply so, which two characters use the phrase a shocking accident to describe the death of Jerome's father?

The main character in the short story “A Shocking Accident” by Graham Greene is Jerome. To help you better understand his connection to other characters, we will also briefly discuss Jerome's father, his aunt and his fiancée Sally.

When was a shocking accident written?

A Shocking Accident was written and published in 1967.

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