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What is the treatment for tumor lysis syndrome?

Allopurinol and rasburicase are known to reduce uric acid levels. Allopurinol has no effect on existing hyperuricemia; thus, it can be preferentially used in patients with low or intermediate risk for TLS. Rasburicase, on the other hand, rapidly reduces existing hyperuricemia.

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Likewise, what happens in tumor lysis syndrome?

Tumor lysis syndrome (TLS) is a condition that occurs when a large number of cancer cells die within a short period, releasing their contents in to the blood. When cancer cells break down quickly in the body, levels of uric acid, potassium, and phosphorus rise faster than the kidneys can remove them.

Likewise, what are the symptoms of tumor lysis syndrome? Symptoms of TLS include:

  • nausea.
  • vomiting.
  • diarrhea.
  • muscle cramps or twitches.
  • weakness.
  • numbness or tingling.
  • fatigue.
  • decreased urination.

Likewise, is tumor lysis syndrome fatal?

Tumor lysis syndrome is a common and life-threatening event in patients with lymphoma and leukemia undertaking chemotherapy. Since TLS is potentially fatal, close monitoring of patients at risk before, during, and after their course of chemotherapy is critical.

How can you prevent and manage tumor lysis syndrome?

Prevention & Treatment To help prevent TLS, assess patients undergoing chemotherapy for risk factors at baseline and monitor them during and after the start of treatment as ordered. The mainstays of preventive care are hydration and allopurinol and recombinant urate oxidase (rasburicase).

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