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What is there to do in San Francisco this weekend?

Every Sunday
  • “Heart of the City” Sunday Farmers Market | UN Plaza.
  • Delicious Market Recipes & Free Seasonal Tasting | Jack London Square.
  • Dolores Park Free Bodyweight Bootcamp | SF.
  • POSTPONED: Presidio Picnic: Off the Grid's Sunday Food Truck Party | SF.
  • Lindy in the Park: Free Outdoor Swing Dance | Golden Gate Park.

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Besides, what is there to do in San Francisco on Saturday?

Top Things to Do on Saturday in San Francisco

  • Free Walking Tours.
  • SF Giants Baseball.
  • Saturday Morning Champagne Brunch Cruise.
  • Ferry Building Food Walking Tour.
  • Film Festivals.
  • Broadway and Theater Performances.
  • SF Symphony.
  • Live Music Calendar.

Subsequently, question is, what's happening in San Francisco on Sunday? Sunday is a perfect day to explore San Francisco.

Read on to find out more fun activities for this and every week!

  • Asian Art Museum's Free First Sundays.
  • Champagne Cruise.
  • Comedy Showcase.
  • Free Walking Tours.
  • Sunday Streets.
  • Live Music.
  • Film Festivals.
  • Other Festivals and Street Fairs.

Moreover, what is free to do in San Francisco this weekend?


  • 1) Take a Drive Down Lombard Street.
  • 2) Take a Walking Tour.
  • 3) Visit a Free Museum.
  • 4) See the Painted Ladies.
  • 5) Take a Ride on the Cable Cars.
  • 7) Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • 8) Check Out Golden Gate Park.
  • 9) Hike to Coit Tower.

What is there to do in the peninsula this weekend?

Top things to do in The Peninsula

  • Top Choice State Park. Año Nuevo State Park.
  • Top Choice Notable Building. Apple Park Visitor Center.
  • House. Winchester Mystery House.
  • Seafood. Barbara's Fish Trap.
  • Science Center. SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.
  • American. Duarte's Tavern.
  • Lighthouse. Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park.
  • Plaza. Main Quad.

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