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What is valuated stock?

Valuated Stock: Stock of a material belonging to a firm which is part of the firm's current assets. The valuated stock of a material at a plant is the sum of: Unrestricted-use stock held at all storage locations. Stock in quality inspection at all storage locations.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what is the difference between valuated and non valuated stock?

Valuated means you want to know the Value of your material at any point of time So, it will have price like "Standard/ Moving Average'.. Non-Valuated, you do not want any value to assign for valuation, and for that case we will not maintain any Accounting view for Non-Valuated Type..

Furthermore, what is stock type SAP? Due to various inventory transaction in sap various stooks types are created. Stock type is nothing but the stock quantity created with a specific transactions . Since these special stocks are not located at your own company, they are managed at plant level and not at storage location level.

Keeping this in view, what is valuated and non valuated material in SAP?

Non-Valuated materials are those materials for which no accounting effect is required. For such materials, no accounting view in material master is maintained. These materials are decided as per our policy of master data.

What is GR blocked stock when it can be used?

Gr Blocked Stock : Gr blocked stock is a stock which we accept it on conditional basis. So you put the material in Gr blocked stock using movement type 103. When the certificate is received and accepted you can valuate the stock with movement type 105.

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