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What is Warriors arena new?

ABC10's Lina Washington takes you inside Chase Center, the new home of the Golden State Warriors. After 47 seasons in Oakland, the team is relocating to a state-of-the-art arena in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco.

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Simply so, what is the name of the Warriors new arena?

Chase Center

Additionally, where is the new arena for the Golden State Warriors? San Francisco

In respect to this, who is paying for Warriors new arena?

Chase Center will be like a playground for the Silicon Valley elite and a cash cow for the Warriors. Chase reportedly paid $300 million for 20 years of naming rights to the arena. The office towers on-site are being used by Uber. Retailers are renting space in the outdoor plaza.

Is the new Warriors Stadium done?

The Warriors, who have been located in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1962, played their home games at Oakland Arena in Oakland from 1971 to 2019. Chase Center opened on September 6, 2019.

Chase Center.

Broke ground January 17, 2017
Opened September 6, 2019
Construction cost 500 million USD

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