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What is Zappos marketing strategy?

Zappos marketing strategy is customer experience and Word of Mouth. Like most success stories, their marketing strategy is their business strategy. Zappos was successful because it redefined online shoe buying to make it a better experience: - Free shipping and free returns, overnight.

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Similarly, it is asked, what is Zappos target market?

Zappos' target market is mainly online consumers. While they previously only targeted consumers in search of footwear apparel, they have recently expanded to accessories, apparel, and home goods therefore expanding their target market considerably.

Also, why are customers at the heart of Zappos's business strategy? Zappos developed a set of key values that lives at the heart of their company culture. And, they rally every employee around those core values and shared purpose. The company exemplifies what it means to make employees happy, so they can make customers happy. They encourage a fun environment filled with co-creation.

Similarly one may ask, how does Zappos encourage word of mouth marketing through social media?

-Zappos encourages word-of-mouth marketing by personally interacting with customers by changing the business to customer experience. They wanted customers to be able to reach out at any time and share their experiences.

How does Zappos use social computing?

Rather than use then as selling tools, Zappos deliberately uses them to " connect on a more personal level with both employees and customers. At Zappos the liberal use of social media facilitates the network that links employees with one another and with the company's customers"

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