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What makes a character a cinnamon roll?

Cinnamon rolls are basically referred to those characters described as "Too pure for the world." , meaning, characters with cute, fluffy, caring, kind and beyond innocent, saint-like personality, that makes you go "AWWWWWW" or wanting to protect the character.

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Similarly one may ask, what does calling someone a cinnamon roll mean?

(slang, neologism) A person perceived as good, gentle and kind, often a fictional character who undergoes emotional suffering.

Subsequently, question is, is actually a cinnamon roll? A Sinnamon roll is basically a person who looks like a cinnamon roll–for those of you who need a refresher course, a cinnamon roll is someone who is cute, smol, needs to be protected, innocent, etc–but is actually far from innocent, generally has a dirty mind, or at least knows more than they let on.

Also to know is, where did the term cinnamon roll come from?

In Sweden, the country of its presumed origin, the cinnamon roll takes the name of kanelbulle (literally: “cinnamon bun”), and October 4 has more recently started to be promoted as “kanelbullens dag” (Cinnamon Roll Day). Cinnamon rolls in Sweden are not as sweet and heavy as they are in the United States.

What does sinnamon roll mean?

The expression is used to refer to someone who is really nice, sweet and / or cute. If “sinnamon roll” is used, it means the person is (usually) so attractive, they want to make you sin or that they are sinfully attractive / full of sin (lust). Hope this helped you!

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