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What places pay 15 an hour?

  • U.S. Army (105401)
  • (35688)
  • Pizza Hut (17944)
  • McDonald's (17899)
  • The Home Depot (12513)
  • PETSMART (11088)
  • AutoZone (10998)
  • Dollar General (9529)

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Likewise, people ask, what jobs pay 15 to 20 dollars an hour?

Enjoyable jobs that pay 20 dollars an hour or more are a lot more plentiful than you might imagine.

30 Additional Jobs That Pay $15 an Hour or More

  • Medical Laboratory Technician.
  • Locksmith.
  • Fitness Trainer.
  • Welder.
  • Auto Mechanic.
  • Medical Coder or Health Information Technician.
  • Photographer.
  • Human Resources Assistant.

Similarly, does target pay 15 an hour? Target said Thursday it is increasing its minimum hourly wage by a dollar to $13 in June for all current and new employees as part of its goal to hit $15 an hour by the end of 2020.

Similarly, what are some jobs that pay 15 dollars an hour?

15 per hour pay Jobs

Job Title Employer Salary
Licensed Therapist Alpine Lakes Counseling Center $83k-$150k
Patient Care Technician/Medical Assistant KidMed Pediatric Urgent Care
Direct Support Professional/Certified Nursing Assistant - FT 35 Hours (DSP $15 per hour/CNA $16) Kennedy-Donovan Center $20k-$29k

What stores pay the most per hour?

Keep reading for a look 16 of the highest-paying retail jobs in the US:

  • Dillard's: Sales Associate.
  • Trader Joe's: Crew Member.
  • The Container Store: Sales Associate.
  • Amazon: Worker.
  • Safeway: Grocery Clerk.
  • Target: Warehouse Worker.
  • Shane Co.: Sales Associate.
  • Costco: Hourly Employee. Outside a Costco Wholesale storefront.

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