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What size sump do I need for a 75 gallon tank?

1 to 2, 150 gal sump would be a great size for 75g system.

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Also to know is, how do I know what size sump I need for my aquarium?

In a 180g or 210g, every inch of water column height = 7.0 gallons of water. This means that if 2 inches of water drain before a siphon breaks, you'd have 10.4 or 14.0 gallons of water that needs to go into your sump to prevent an overflow depending on your tank size.

Also, what size sump do I need for a 180 gallon tank? 100 gallon sump would be nice with the 180 tank. In any case, for a sump to work properly (as a sump only) it has to be able to contain all the drain back water when you shut your pumps off.

In respect to this, what size sump do I need for a 65 gallon tank?

29makes a great sump or fuge for a 65. 20 long would be a good choice too.

What size sump do I need for a 100 gallon tank?

The Triton34 Sump is great for aquariums up to 100 gallons and specially made to have a large refugium that meets the 10% volume recommendation for the Triton Method of reefing.

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