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What was the sign of God's covenant with Abraham?

To make Abraham the father of many nations and of many descendants and give "the whole land of Canaan" to his descendants. Circumcision is to be the permanent sign of this everlasting covenant with Abraham and his male descendants and is known as the brit milah.

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Similarly one may ask, what was God's covenant with Abraham?

God promised to make Abraham the father of a great people and said that Abraham and his descendants must obey God. In return God would guide them and protect them and give them the land of Israel.

Also, what are the blessings of the Abrahamic covenant? “The ultimate blessings of the Abrahamic covenant are conferred in holy temples. These blessings allow us to come forth in the First Resurrection and inherit thrones, kingdoms, powers, principalities, and dominions, to our 'exaltation and glory in all things' (D&C 132:19).

People also ask, what year did God make a covenant with Abraham?

27 Mar 2003. Abraham, the father of Israel, was the first person to spread the idea of monotheism - belief in one God. God commanded him to leave his birthplace and go to the land that I will show you.

How old was Abraham when God made the covenant with him?

Thirteen years later, when Abram was 99 years of age, God declared Abram's new name: "Abraham" – "a father of many nations". Abraham then received the instructions for the covenant, of which circumcision was to be the sign.

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