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What was the significance of the Battle of Actium 31 BC in the history of the Roman Republic?

It took place on 2 September 31 BC in the Ionian Sea near the promontory of Actium in Greece. Octavian's victory enabled him to consolidate his power over Rome and its dominions. He adopted the title of Princeps ("first citizen") and in 27 BC was awarded the title of Augustus ("revered") by the Roman Senate.

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Simply so, what was the outcome of the important battle that took place at the Greek city of Actium in 31 BCE?

Battle of Actium, (September 2, 31 bc), naval battle off a promontory in the north of Acarnania, on the western coast of Greece, where Octavian (known as the emperor Augustus after 27 bc), by his decisive victory over Mark Antony, became the undisputed master of the Roman world.

Likewise, why did Augustus fight Cleopatra? All the Roman troops either changed loyalty to Octavian or were taken hostage with most of Antony's fleet destroyed in battle. After the Roman Senate declared war on the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, Antony, her lover and ally, betrayed the Roman government and joined the war on Cleopatra's side.

Herein, what was the significance of the Battle of Actium?

The Battle of Actium was the conclusion to an enmity between Octavian and Antony which began shortly after the formation of the Second Triumvirate. Having lost the battle, Antony and Cleopatra killed themselves the following year and Octavian became the first Roman emperor in 27 BCE.

Why did the Roman Senate declare war on Cleopatra?

Octavian's sister was Antony's wife, and he'd already publicised his adultery. When Antony married Cleopatra in 32 BC and seemed on the verge of setting up an alternative Imperial capital in Egypt, Octavian persuaded the Senate to declare war on Cleopatra, who they blamed for seducing their former hero.

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