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What will Granite weather into?

Decomposed granite is rock of granitic origin that has weathered to the point that it readily fractures into smaller pieces of weak rock. Further weathering produces rock that easily crumbles into mixtures of gravel-sized particles, sand, and silt-sized particles with some clay.

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Similarly, what material is the result of granite weathering?

As demonstrated in the following reaction, this causes potassium feldspar to form kaolinite, with potassium ions, bicarbonate, and silica in solution as byproducts. An end product of granite weathering is grus, which is often made up of coarse-grained fragments of disintegrated granite.

Also, what can granite turn into? gneiss

Consequently, what can happen to a granite that undergoes weathering?

The biotite and/or amphibole will undergo hydrolysis to form clay, and oxidation to form iron oxides. The quartz (and muscovite, if present) will remain as residual minerals because they are very resistant to weathering. Weathered rock is called saprolite. The quartz in granite is sand- sized; it becomes quartz sand.

Which mineral in granite allows it to weather more slowly?

These minerals are quartz, feldspar, mica, and usually hornblende. Granite forms as magma cools far under the earth's surface. Because it hardens deep underground it cools very slowly. This allows crystals of the four minerals to grow large enough to be easily seen by the naked eye.

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