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What's a tension rod?

Tension rods, also called spring rods, are curtain hardware which allow you to hang window curtains, wall curtains or shower curtains without installing curtain rod hardware on the walls.

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Besides, how does a tension rod work?

  1. Tubes.
  2. Spring within. A high-tension spring made of steel (or occasionally aluminum) is affixed to the uncapped end of the smaller rod and placed inside the larger rod where it is affixed to the capped end.
  3. Assembly. The smaller rod is then pushed into the larger rod, causing the spring to compress.
  4. Tension.

Subsequently, question is, can you hang clothes on a tension rod? YES! YES! * Curtains, drapes, clothes, room dividers, etc,shower curtain rod,curtain rods. HEAVY DUTY: Tension rods can bear 20pounds,It is your blackout window curtain rod but also your shower tension rod and laundry clothes drying rack.

Also to know, why is it called a tension rod?

The ground pushes up on the bar and the weight pushes it down, so it's also in compression. The bar pushes down on the ground, compressing it The forces cancel out, so nothing is accelerating, yet it's all compression. They cause the frame to stretch, which is what the word tension means.

How much weight can tension rods hold?

22 Pounds

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