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What's eating my vinca flowers?

Weevils. Both adult and larvae weevils feed on the leaves of vinca plants. Adult weevils are brown or gray and have a distinct snout; larvae are green or white. The best way to control weevils is to simply pick them off the vinca plants and drop them in a jar of rubbing alcohol to kill them.

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Similarly, what is eating my vinca plants?

Slugs and snails occasionally feed on the leaves. Larger pests such as rabbits and deer avoid eating vinca. Remember that healthy, vigorous plants are less susceptible to pest damage than unhealthy plants.

Likewise, why is my vinca not blooming? In some cases though, a plant needs to go through a cold period to provoke flowering. Nutrient imbalance – Too much nitrogen can result in lush, green growth but too much can also reduce flowering. Too little phosphorus can also be the cause for plants not flowering. Improper pruning – Pruning is another factor.

In respect to this, what is killing my vinca flowers?

The problem is a fungus, often referred to as vinca sudden death, that lives in the ground. Water from rain or sprinklers splashes spores from the fungus up onto the plants, where it grows and quickly kills the entire plant, often in as little as 48 hours.

How do you treat Vinca fungus?

Use a fungicide that says it treats Phomopsis or Phoma and follow the label directions. Unfortunately, it will probably require the fungicide to be applied in a drench, which means you must thoroughly soak the whole bed again. Another fungal disease that attacks vinca is also related to the problem of over watering.

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