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What's the worst sting in the world?

Bullet ant

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Thereof, what is the most painful sting in the world?

bullet ant

Additionally, is the executioner WASP the most painful sting? Because he wanted to show fans these and save the executioner wasp vid Currently the most painful labeled on Schmidt's pain index is the bullet ant, named because it feels like getting shot by a bullet gun, and the pain lasts 12 to 36 hours, with 24 hours for most victims.

Hereof, what are the worst stings?

The Worst Stings in The World, Rated by The Scientist Who's Experienced Them All

  • Red fire ant.
  • Western cicada killer.
  • Western honey bee.
  • Western yellowjacket.
  • Fierce black polybia wasp.
  • Velvet ant (technically a wasp)
  • Florida harvester ant.
  • Tarantula hawk.

What's the worst bee to get stung by?

Schmidt sets the sting of the Western honey bee at a pain level of 2 to be the anchoring value, basing his categorization of all other stings on it. He has categorized a variety of wasps, bees, and ants into Pain Level 2, including yellowjackets, the Asiatic honey bee, the trap-jaw ant, and the bald-faced hornet.

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