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When did Christopher Radko sell his company?

Christopher Radko sold the company in 2005 and separated himself from the company shortly thereafter. The company, now under the guidance of Rauch Industries, carries on his design influence, and the Radko brand celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2010.

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Thereof, what happened to Christopher Radko?

“In 1983, Christopher Radko was 22 years old. He accidentally destroyed his parents' collection of almost 2,000 vintage ornaments by putting their tree in a new holder, and it crashed to the ground in a shower of broken glass.

Likewise, are Christopher Radko ornaments worth anything? “Absolutely breathtaking. I bow to this tree.” This is not your grandma's Christmas tree. For one thing, your grandma probably couldn't afford it: Over the years, Radko ornaments sold for an average of $50 each, but the rare ones now go for much more.

One may also ask, what year did Christopher Radko start making ornaments?

Beginning in 1986, Radko started making his own ornaments when he found, upon attempting to replace his mother's heirloom ornaments after a Christmas “accident,” that there were no fine quality ornaments available in the states.

Who is Christopher Radko?

With the help of Polish glass-blowers, Christopher Radko unleashed his creativity and began designing festive holiday ornaments for an American market. Radko ornaments have decorated the White House and adorned Christmas trees of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor, and Maria Shriver.

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