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When should I apply fall fertilizer in Ontario?

Apply fall lawn fertilizer 2 to 3 weeks before the ground freezes. To find an exact date, look for the first frost date in your area. That date is typically a good time to fertilize since the ground hasn't frozen yet. More generally, mid-October is a good time to apply lawn fertilizer.

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Similarly, when should I fertilize my lawn in the fall Ontario?

Fertilize turf to help heal damaged lawns The first application should be made in early fall (from mid-August to mid-September). This will help turf recover from damage that occurred during the growing season. Nitrogen and potash stimulate turf growth and repair, and harden off the turf for winter.

when should I fertilize my lawn in Toronto? When to Fertilize

  1. First lawn fertilizer application should be mid-April when the grass has started to grow.
  2. Second application if needed should be done 4 weeks later in mid-May or early June.

In this regard, what is the best fertilizer for grass in the fall?


Is it better to leave your grass long or short for winter?

Length is ideal for most cool season turfs such as the famous Kentucky bluegrass. The lengths should be shorter (about 1 inch to 2 inches) for Bermuda and bent grass varieties. Having 2-3 inches of greens allows your lawn to optimize its photosynthesis during the harsh winter months and therefore maintain resilience.

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