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Where are Mesosaurus fossils found?

southern Africa

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Accordingly, where was the Glossopteris fossil found?

The Glossopteris fossil is found in Australia, Antarctica, India, South Africa, and South America—all the southern continents.

Subsequently, question is, how does Mesosaurus support continental drift? For this reason, the existence of Mesosaurus helps support the theory of continental drift; that is, the now-well-attested fact that South America and Africa were joined together into the giant continent Gondwana 300 million years ago before the continental plates supporting them broke apart and drifted into their

Simply so, what was the land like where Mesosaurus fossils are found?

Mesosaurus, (genus Mesosaurus), early aquatic relative of reptiles, found as fossils from the Early Permian Period (299 million to 271 million years ago) in South Africa and South America. Mesosaurus lived in freshwater lakes and ponds. Elongated and slim, it measured about 1 metre (3.3 feet) long.

What could explain this distribution of Mesosaurus fossils?

These fossils were found in only two regions, southern Africa and the southern part of South America. The shaded areas on the map show where fossils of Mesosaurus have been discovered. This distribution is a curious one—only two regions far from each other and separated by the Atlantic Ocean.

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