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Where did John Jay go to school?

Columbia College

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Keeping this in consideration, where did John Jay live?

New York

Also, what was John Jay's childhood like? Born in New York City, on December 12, 1745, Jay spent his childhood in nearby Rye, New York. After graduating from King's College in 1764, Jay began a career as a lawyer. He was already well-established in his career by the time that rifts with Great Britain and calls for independence erupted in the colonies.

People also ask, what was John Jay's position?

Governor of New York 1795–1801 United States Secretary of State 1789–1790 United States Secretary of Foreign Affairs 1789–1789 President of the Continental Congress 1778–1779 Delegate to the Continental Congress 1774–1774

Did John Jay have siblings?

James Jay Brother

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