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Where is maltase produced?

During digestion, starch is partially transformed into maltose by the pancreatic or salivary enzymes called amylases; maltase secreted by the intestine then converts maltose into glucose. The glucose so produced is either utilized by the body or stored in the liver as glycogen (animal starch).

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Considering this, where are the enzymes maltase sucrase and lactase produced?

The Intestines The pancreatic enzymes secreted into the small intestine also contain amylase which breaks down starches into a disaccharide (two sugars joined together) called maltose. In the intestines, enzymes such as maltase and lactase break disaccharides into single sugars (monosaccharides), such as glucose.

Secondly, what is the substrate for maltase? maltose sugar

In this manner, where is Sucrase produced?

small intestine

Why is maltase important?

The important role of maltase as an enzyme in our digestive system is found when starch is being assimilated in maltose by salivary or pancreatic enzymes like amylase. Besides maltase enzymes' role as getting the healthiest parts of sugars to the body, it also helps carbohydrates digestion.

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