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Where is the Greenbrier Classic?

White Sulphur Springs

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In this regard, is the Greenbrier Classic free?

The Greenbrier Classic Offering Free Admission. White Sulphur Springs, W.Va. Celebrating its seventh anniversary this summer, The Greenbrier Classic will be the first event on the PGA TOUR FedExCup series to offer complimentary access to its fans for the entire week.

Similarly, what happened to the Greenbrier Classic? The Greenbrier officially becomes a PGA Tour fall event. The PGA Tour's annual stop in West Virginia has a new date for the 2019-20 season. A Military Tribute at the Greenbrier—formerly known as the Greenbrier Classic—will be held from September 12-15 at Old White TPC Course.

Hereof, who is playing in the Greenbrier Classic 2019?

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Current stars and legends of the sport who have played in the tournament include:

  • Tiger Woods.
  • Phil Mickelson.
  • Bubba Watson.
  • Tom Watson.
  • Nick Faldo.
  • John Daly.
  • Dustin Johnson.
  • Justin Thomas.

Is the Greenbrier open to the public?

Anyone can enjoy the Greenbrier grounds including tours, restaurants, and shopping. The only exception is the casino and the restaurants in the casino where you need to be a registered guest to participate. The casino is open to everyone, but there is a dress code.

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