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Which country is the capital of Europe?

Brussels, the capital of Belgium is sometimes called Capital of Europe, the city is de facto capital of the European Union.

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Simply so, how many countries in Europe and their capitals?

Europe has a total of 44 countries. Vatican City is both a country and a capital city.

Also Know, what is the capital of the countries? List of countries of the world in alphabetical order


Beside this, what are the names of European capitals?

My 12 favorite European capitals

  • BUDAPEST, Hungary.
  • RIGA, Latvia.
  • BERLIN, Germany.
  • WARSAW, Poland.
  • ROME, Italy.
  • OSLO, Norway.
  • PARIS, France.
  • DUBLIN, Ireland. I've been to Dublin multiple times, and am more and more charmed by the Irish capital each time I visit.

What are the largest 10 nations in Europe and their capitals?

Top 10 Largest Countries in Europe (Area)

  • France (547,030km²)
  • Spain (505,992km²)
  • Sweden (449,964km²)
  • Norway (385,155km²)
  • Germany (357,050km²)
  • Finland (338,145km²)
  • Poland (312,685km²)
  • Italy (301,318km²) The formal name of Italy is the Italian Republic and the capital city is Rome.

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