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Who coined the phrase get her done?

It was Larry the Cable Guy, a redneck comedian, who made the made the expression famous. But he said it more like Git-er done. It's meaning is simple. It means “get the job done.”

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Beside this, who said get her done?

Whitney's catchphrase "Git-R-Done!" is also the title of his book. On January 26, 2010, the TV channel History announced that it was ordering a series starring Whitney called Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy, in which he would explore the country and immerse himself in different lifestyles, jobs, and hobbies.

Similarly, what does get r done mean? " 'Git-R-Done' basically means give 100 percent. Whatever you do, Git-R-Done," he said. "It's another way for saying 'Cowboy up' or 'Just do it. ' " He said people have misconstrued the expression to give it a sexual meaning, but that can be done with any expression, even popular 1980s catch-phrase "Where's the Beef?"

Just so, what does get er done mean?

It's dialect for "get her done," meaning "do it!" or "let's do it!". The use of "her" for "it" in describing a task to be accomplished is something done in AE from time to time, and I haven't been able to think of a good explanation why or of a rule to say when it would or would not be used.

Who is Larry the Cable Guys wife?

Cara Whitney m. 2005

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