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Who created the miasma theory?

The pioneer nurse Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) firmly believed in miasmas and became celebrated for her work in making hospitals clean, fresh and airy. The miasma theory also helped interest scientists in decaying matter and led eventually to the identification of microbes as agents of infectious disease.

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Similarly one may ask, why was the miasma theory so popular?

Supporters of the miasma theory felt that cholera was one such condition caused by noxious odors of decayed matter. The miasma theory was very appealing to English sanitary reformers. It explain why diseases were epidemic in the undrained, filthy and stinking areas inhabited by the poor.

Also, how was miasma with God? It is usually translated as “pollution” in English, although there is no concept in English that precisely corresponds to miasma. Miasma is a god-sent disease that is caused by a murder that has not been atoned for (with proper purification rituals).

Also know, did Galen believe in miasma?

The miasma theory of contagion, particularly in cholera, plagues and malaria, is based on the humoral theory of Hippocrates and Galen. The miasma theory also caught hold Italy, where Filippo Pacini's discovery of the cholera bacillus was largely ignored due to the steadfast belief in it.

What is the difference between Miasmatic theory and Contagionism?

The difference between these two theories has to do with their ideas about how the diseases are contracted -- how people come to be sick with the disease. The miasma theory of disease held that diseases are caused by "bad" air. If people (The entire section contains 137 words.)

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