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Who did Cy Young pitch for?

Cy Young
Earned run average 2.63
Strikeouts 2,803
As player Cleveland Spiders (1890–1898) St. Louis Perfectos / Cardinals (1899–1900) Boston Americans / Red Sox (1901–1908) Cleveland Naps (1909–1911) Boston Rustlers (1911) As manager Boston Red Sox (1907)

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People also ask, when did Cy Young pitch?

On May 5, 1904, Young pitched the first perfect game of the 20th century, a day he considered to be his greatest in baseball. The pitcher totaled three no-hitters throughout his time in the sport. He still holds the records for most career innings pitched with 7,356, games started with 815 and complete games with 749.

Additionally, what is Cy Young famous for? Cy Young was an Ohio farmboy who became the most famous pitcher in all baseball history. Born two years after the end of the Civil War, he began his major league career in 1890 and ended it in 1911. In that time he won 511 games, a mark that no pitcher has ever matched or may dream of matching.

Similarly, it is asked, is Cy Young the best pitcher ever?

Cy Young Is Not the Greatest Pitcher of All Time! Whenever someone mentions the all-time best pitchers in major-league history, Cy Young is always mentioned. It's true that he holds the record for all-time wins by a pitcher (511), but he also holds the record for most losses all time by a pitcher with 316.

When did Cy Young die?

November 4, 1955

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