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Who is a famous volcanologist?

David A. Johnston
David Alexander Johnston
Johnston, 13 hours before his death at the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens
Born David Alexander Johnston December 18, 1949 Chicago, Illinois, United States
Died May 18, 1980 (aged 30) Mount St. Helens, Washington, United States

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Regarding this, who is a famous volcanologist and why are they famous?

Haroun Tazieff, Polish-born French volcanologist whose fascination with volcanoes and knowledge of them, often obtained under extremely harrowing conditions, were enthusiastically shared by the French public through books and, especially, in films on television; he was considered one of the six most popular

Secondly, what is the salary of a volcanologist? Volcanologists earn an average of $90,890 per year, with the highest 10% earning around $187,200 and the lowest 10% earning around $48,270. Most of these scientists work for different levels of government, universities, and private research institutes.

Simply so, who is the first volcanologist?

I think most volcanologists would agree that their science began with the detailed description of the AD 79 eruption of Vesuvius by Pliny the Younger. He described the earthquakes before the eruption, the eruption column, air fall, the effects of the eruption on people, pyroclastic flows, and even tsunami .

What are people who study volcanoes called?

Volcanology (also spelled vulcanology) is the study of volcanoes, lava, magma, and related geological, geophysical and geochemical phenomena (volcanism). A volcanologist is a geologist who studies the eruptive activity and formation of volcanoes, and their current and historic eruptions.

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