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Who is the author of Henry Huggins?

Beverly Cleary

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Similarly, it is asked, how old is Henry Huggins?

Henry Huggins: Henry is a red headed 11 year old, but starts out as an eight year old. Ribsy: Ribsy is Henry's dog; the dog was named "Ribsy" because when Henry found him, he was so thin, his ribs were showing.

Beside above, what genre is Henry Huggins? Novel Humour Fiction

Similarly one may ask, when was Henry Huggins first published?


What is the theme of Henry Huggins?

Theme of Henry Huggins --- It is a really funny book with an irresistible boy's adventures. The story is about Henry Huggins, a little boy who lived in a boring world until a stray dog Ribsy came in his life. From that day on Henry never found his life boring and experienced one exciting event after another.

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