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Who is the best NBA rapper?

  1. Damian Lillard. Currently playing for the Portland Trail Blazers and one of my favorite NBA players is Damian Lillard.
  2. Iman Shumpert. Currently playing for the Sacramento Kings, Iman is putting a lot of effort into his music.
  3. Victor Oladipo.
  4. Marvin Bagley III.
  5. Lonzo Ball.
  6. Lou Williams.
  7. LeBron James & Kevin Durant.
  8. Kobe Bryant.

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In respect to this, what rapper played in the NBA?

Percy Robert Miller

Similarly, what is Damian Lillards rap name? Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard

Similarly one may ask, does Damian Lillard rap?

Lillard, who got into rap at a young age, is constantly trying to elevate his craft. He primarily records in the offseason, but is always taking notes and seeking to stay inspired creatively. After three albums, including 2016's “The Letter O” and 2017's “Confirmed,” a natural next step was to create music videos.

What music do basketball players listen to?

Give them a listen for yourself below.

Mike Scott.

1 Dark Sky (Skyscrapers) Big Sean 2:58
2 10 Bands Drake 2:57
3 Ain't It Fun Paramore 4:56
4 6 Man Drake 2:47
5 Allure JAY-Z 4:52

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