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Who is Wozniacki engaged to?

David Lee

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Correspondingly, who is David Lee engaged to?

Caroline Wozniacki

Beside above, what is wrong with Caroline Wozniacki? Last summer Wozniacki learned she had rheumatoid arthritis, a condition linked to immune system dysfunction. As Wozniacki explained it, her immune system attacks healthy tissue in and around the joints of her hands, knees and feet, causing rashes, inflammation and fatigue.

Beside above, who did Wozniacki marry?

David Lee m. 2019

Is tennis player Wozniacki married?

Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki married former NBA All-Star David Lee over the weekend. Vogue reported the couple wed Saturday in front of 120 family and friends at Castiglion del Bosco in Italy. Tennis rival but off the court friend Serena Williams served as one of Wozniacki's bridesmaids.

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