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Who owns Stanley Bostitch?

Stanley Black & Decker

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Herein, who bought Bostitch?

Stanley Black & Decker

Also, is Bostitch and DeWalt the same? They are all the same company now B&D, Porter Cable, Stanely, DeWalt, Bostitch. HArd to say about quality. Lately, I've seen a bunch of Bostitch tools at Walmart that look like "high end" Stanley.

Regarding this, what company owns Stanley?

At the time Stanley Works owned the popular brands Stanley, Facom, Bostitch, Proto, Mac Tools, Vidmar (and others) and Black & Decker owned Black & Decker, DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Baldwin, Emhart, Kwikset, Price Pfister (and others).

Is Bostitch Made in USA?

Stanley, Bostitch, Dewalt, Porter Cable, Proto, Mac, and Black and Decker are all owned by Stanley Black and Decker. Dewalt advertises "Made in the USA" on many of their products, but my understanding is that they are just assembled in the US, please add info on this if you know more.

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