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Who plays Ruby in season 11 of GREY's anatomy?

Millie Bobbie Brown

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In this regard, who plays Ruby in season 11 episode 15 of GREY's anatomy?

Cast (in credits order)

Ellen Pompeo Dr. Meredith Grey
Jason George Dr. Ben Warren
Lance Gross Dr. Ethan Boyd
Jennifer Rhodes Jean Dominy
Millie Bobby Brown Ruby

Secondly, why did Derek leave GREY's Anatomy in season 11? Dempsey played the role of Derek from the show's inception in 2005 until 2015, after starring in 11 seasons of the medical drama. He left the show to focus on his family and his passion for auto-racing. Speaking to People, Dempsey explained leaving Grey's Anatomy was simply the end of a chapter.

Subsequently, one may also ask, was 11 in GREY's anatomy?

Millie Bobby Brown - Ruby, season 11 A year before Millie Bobby Brown would became a household name following her turn as Eleven on Netflix's Stranger Things, the actress was starring in one of the most memorable Grey's Anatomy episodes, 'I Feel the Earth Move. '

Does Dr Herman die in Season 11?

But fans who are a little fuzzy on her 12-episode guest arc back in Season 11 may be wondering: what happened to Geena Davis' character on Grey's Anatomy? Dr. Nicole Herman survived a harrowing brain surgery, but suffered a big loss, too.

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