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Who summoned the world Serpent When Atreus was sick?

User Info: JeDDyD. During the part where Atreus falls ill, someone blows the horn to summon the Serpent.

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Keeping this in consideration, who called the World Serpent When Atreus was sick?

It's obviously a plot-device for a sequel but it seems reasonable that it could be Loki in the future that calls the World Serpent for some purpose that will only be revealed in a later game. it is kratos who is crating the storm as he is helpless to save Loki.

Beside above, who summoned the world Serpent? God of War PS4 - Atreus summons the World Serpent.

Moreover, is Atreus the father of the world serpent?

In the original Mythology, Loki is the father of the World Serpent. With the revelation that Atreus is in fact Loki, we know that the reason the World Serpent recognizes Atreus is because Atreus is actually his father.

Why did Atreus get sick?

That's not what Atreus' sickness was. It was a dissonance between believing he was a mortal when in fact he was a god that presented itself physically as an ailment, causing him to become weak, cough up blood, etc. His possible use of "Spartan rage" wasn't what they were ever referring to as his sickness.

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