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Who won the American Century Championship?

Tony Romo

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Correspondingly, who won the American Century Golf Tournament?

Tony Romo

One may also ask, who is playing in the American Century Championship?

Pos Start Player
1 1 ROMO, Tony
2 5 MULDER, Mark
T3 T2 FISH, Mardy
T3 T2 LOWE, Derek

Consequently, how do they score the American Century Championship?

Scoring: Modified Stableford Format converted to points

  • Double Eagle 10 points.
  • Hole in one 8 points.
  • Eagle 6 points.
  • Birdie 3 points.
  • Par 1 point.
  • Bogey 0 points.
  • Double Bogey -2 points.

Who won the Lake Tahoe Golf Tournament?

Pavelski finished tied for 11th, while Modano finished tied for 9th. UPDATE (July 13): Tony Romo is one round closer to repeating as the winner of the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Stateline, Nevada.

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